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Creating Value

To Be The Regional Top Material Handling Solutions Provider in the Oil & Gas Industry, Offering Leading-Edge Proven Technology; Process-Driven Platforms in a Cost-Effective Package, with Absolute No Compromise to Work Safety.

Finding our Niche

As a solutions provider in engineering we have been able to differentiate ourselves from the competition by the ongoing development of new production processes and methodologies. These have been essential to enable as to meet Customers'increasing expectations for cost effectiveness, improved quality and shorter cycle times.

Over the last several years, we have developed proprietary technology in both the field of Nano-Technologies and Oil-n-Gas Industries

Driving Innovation

Whilst continuously seeking outnew markets, Azimuth is always remaining close to the cutting edge of technology so to meet the evolving trends and demands of future businesses, investment inresearch and development is critical to achieve this.

Azimuth is specialized in the following area:

- One Stop Solution for Automated System from Design, fabrication to Site commissioning
- Nano Atomic Deposition Layer Technology
- Reverse engineering in Precision tooling and equipment improvement
- 3-Dimensional Graphic Design and Modelling prior to critical project implementation

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